Global, national and community health challenges in the 21st century are complex. They are defined differently by diverse stakeholders and across traditional disciplines and professions. They change unexpectedly, and defy rigid plans. Our solutions too often result in little effect or unintended consequences and can make the complex even more unmanageable. Systems and complexity sciences offer fresh perspectives and novel approaches to a world that is rapidly changing and increasingly interdependent.

As systems and complexity sciences are emerging as interdisciplinary fields and awareness of the implications these fields hold for health is relatively underexplored, we are keenly aware of the sparse opportunities for systems and complexity researchers and practitioners dedicated to health to meet and engage in forward thinking.

We seek to engage those in the physiological, social, environmental, clinical, prevention, educational, organizational, finance and policy domains to share their experiences and build new relationships at this conference. We aim to provide a forum where learning is fostered, connections across disciplines are encouraged, and new approaches to complexity and systems-inspired healthcare, education, policy-making and leadership are explored.

The theme for the 3rd Systems and Complexity Science for Healthcare Conference is “Embracing Complexity in Health: The Transformation of Science, Practice, and Policy.” The conference planners have prepared a highly interactive agenda featuring processes that will encourage creative, interdisciplinary exchange through plenary, interactive, oral and poster, and social sessions designed to promote learning. Hosted by the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, there will be multiple opportunities to learn about, discuss, and debate current health scientific, practice and policy developments in addition to opportunities to expand the contribute to the international complexity and systems science in health community.